Geriatric Care

Veterinary Veterinarian Mark Planco Planco Veterinary Care Wellington Animal Hospital Animal Clinic

 Planco Veterinary Care knows that your geriatric pet needs special attention too. We provide your geriatric pet with a special program that will allow the doctor to find problems before you would. Your pets compensate for diseases, and when they begin to have problems, they don’t burden you with their issues. Luckily, having a geriatric plan implemented in their lives will allow PVC to manage a problem before it makes your loved one ill. We can run a full blood panel (checking major organ function such as liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc) and run diagnostic digital radiographs to check for any physical abnormalities (masses, enlarged spleen, heart abnormalities, etc). Please contact Planco Veterinary Care today at 561-795-9507 or Request an Appointment about your geriatric loved one to see how we can help you.